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Worky bits

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In action


A boy-racer fridge


Summer 2003


Well the fridge was purchased to keep drinks cool... the modifications were performed to keep the fridge cool.
For a given value of "cool", anyway


Pretty simple, really:
  1. Purchase one Peltier-effect mini fridge
  2. Rip the back off
  3. Wedge some blue LEDs into place and add a thermometer
That's it. Much less than an evening's work.

On the down side, the fridge did nearly set fire to the car, last year... nothin to do with the mods, just a really cheap and nasty cigarette lighter adaptor. It melted the plug and shorted out the auxiliary circuit, half way through the 2003 Miglia Quadrato. Even worse, our drinks got warm...

No, Why?

Actually, I've no idea.